Be Part of the Art!

Hello, Earthlings. Welcome to my new art blog! To kick things off, please allow me to draw your attention to this art contest I am co-hosting with Meaning-Full Art!

The contest is about to close, so this is your LAST CHANCE TO BE PART OF (this particular) ART (via this contest). …Somehow that doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic.

Okay, so what is this? WELL.

We’re all just made of stories. If you want to share a particular story, I’d like to help you tell it. Here’s the deal: if you go to the Meaning-Full Art facebook page, and click the tab on the left hand side that says “Be Part of the Art”, you can post your submission on the wall, in the form of a brief story (to be explained more below). Get your friends to vote for you by clicking the “like” button for your post. The person with the most votes will be featured in my current series, Billions Pass Through this Landscape.  The image created will be as you have described it: a visual telling of your story.

The submissions with the 2nd and 3rd most votes will also receive a piece from the same series.

I invite you to compare yourself to a specific animal (other than the one you currently are, which I am assuming is human if you are reading this) according to your role in a specific relationship.

In Billions Pass Through this Landscape I use animal stereotypes to stand in for personality types. We all play different roles to different people at different times – it’s like each of us is a whole cast of characters that we cycle through. Our identity shifts and evolves as various relationships and experiences shape us, and at the same time, we all have patterns that we repeat; roles that are closer to our core.

For more about this, you can watch the video. Or better yet, go to the facebook page where you can get all the details and enter the contest.

Do it do it do it! The Meaning-Full man is away which means a slight extension on the contest.



4 thoughts on “Be Part of the Art!

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