My cat is an artist.

The most creative art is not planned that way – it just happens. Sometimes when we (read: I) get too stuck doing the same sort of thing in the same way, it can take a happy accident to force change. Hooray!

I was working on a whole batch of pieces for the Billions series a while ago, and had freshly rubbed transfers on raw canvas laying all over the lawn, drying. And my cat walked across one with muddy feet. Two nicely placed paw prints hovered over a bunny’s head. Damn.

I scrubbed and scrubbed but could not get the mud out. It had faded, but the high contrast look I’ve been using on raw canvas wouldn’t work any more. So I started painting over it playfully, figuring that I couldn’t make it worse at least. Which is another thing: the best art happens when you don’t care what it will look like in the end. If I try to make it look good, I choke up, and it doesn’t. So. I was being loose and just splashed a couple colours around and ended up with these great exploding halos that I really like. I still have the raw canvas look, but now with some colour added. It never would have happened without some muddy feline assistance! Thanks, Bobcat.

If you look above the right rabbit’s head, you can still make out two faint, blobby Bobbi footprints. Heh heh. Blobby Bobbi. This piece was a collaboration. When I sell it eventually I guess I’ll have to use half the money to buy catnip or something. But seriously, cat, stop walking on my art.



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