Hey hey hey! Remember how I said I did a cover illustration for a poetry book? Huh? Huh? Do ya? Well it’s hot off the press, folks. Learn more about the book here.

Let me tell you a little story. In my second year of university, I took a creative writing class. Once in a while we would each email our project’s latest draft to the professor who would project these one at a time in front of the class for all to read and discuss. I had set my name as Candace Shmandace in my email account (just to be silly) and when my short story was to be projected on the front screen, instead the name CANDACE SHMANDACE from the top of my email filled the screen. There was silence and then lots of laughter. One girl did not laugh but looked incredulously around the room, finally saying, “It’s not funny!” Then she looked at me and said (sooo emphatically), “That’s so mean! WHY would your parents name you Candace if your last name is Shmandace?” I think I just blinked with my mouth open. Anyway, it stuck and I have remained Shmandace for many years now. Want to find me on facebook? Candace Shmandace. This has only perpetuated it more. But I didn’t know that this was coming; see below to discover how permanent this title has become:

In print. It’s official. Cover art brought to you by Candace Shmandace. How wonderful and ridiculous and perfect.

If you would like to purchase this collection of lovely poems by Sunil Vidyarthi you can do so here (same link as above).

Happy reading, all you beautiful pilgrims.

Love Shmandace


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