Last night was Hamilton’s Supercrawl. What an exuberantly bursting event! It was delightful to see downtown Hamilton so bustling and alive. Much has changed since I lived there: James North was radiating with new development and life. A huge once-abandoned warehouse has been rebuilt and looks stunning. Up and down the street freshly renovated buildings boast new names and interiors, with their original charm and character intact. New galleries and shops have moved in. New people. But also some familiar faces: hello, art kids! I’ve missed you!

There was art overhead…

And art underfoot…

Art everywhere you looked! Different music playing on every block. I’m so glad this is all happening. Oh Hamilton, I’m so happy for you!

Hamilton is a great city. It has all the good things a city can offer without being too large or overwhelming. The people are down to earth. The art scene is growing and growing and growing. There is a great music scene. There are wonderful places to escape into nature like the escarpment or Coote’s Paradise.  Monthly art crawls and now annual Supercrawls. Different sorts of neighbourhoods to explore. Beautiful old buildings. Good food. Lovely markets. Also, a few of my favourite people live there. It’s easy to get excited when I visit. I want to go back again soon…


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