The buzzzz on my last-minute art show preparation.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Queen West Art Crawl! …and of course I have much to do. I have enough art already. But I always want to make more, more, MORE. I have 20-some unfinished canvases begging for more paint so that they can come tomorrow. Sorry guys, some of you will have to wait for the next show. They stare me down from my wall: all these different animals with their glinting eyes, asking me why I haven’t painted them yet.

Maybe that’s why I klutzed out last night:

Tonight I have to pack everything up, which made last night my last significant chunk of time to paint things. And so I decided that would be the best time to pour boiling water all over my hand. But at least I selected my right hand (excellent forethought there) which is the less useful to me of the two.  Smart, right?

So I scalded myself very nicely and being a clever little nutritionist I put honey on the wound (bought at a farmer’s market from a great guy who is very kind to his bees, thankyouverymuch). Honey is great for burns. Dripped it all over the place, but it worked wonders. So I had honey on my hand, and a rag around that, an ice pack, another rag, and a number of elastic bands holding the whole thing together. What a mitt. You can’t even tell in the picture that that thing is my hand.

But I was committed! (or should be committed…?) and I kept painting with my other hand. My brother helped me by opening all the paint jars. Today I’m pretty much good to go (a little tender and red, but astoundingly improved: good work, bees! Thanks for the love!).

Thought for the day: bees are AMAZING and honey is wonderful stuff that takes a lot of work to make, and therefore deserves a lot of respect. It takes the LIFE WORK of TEN BEES to make just ONE TEASPOON of honey. I kid you not. I never kid. I am serious all the time. Conventional bee keepers strip the hives of honey and replace it with sugar water. Why? The bees make honey to eat: it is their only food. But humans like it too so taking it all means having more to sell and make money from. Sugar water can’t match up at all nutritionally, leaving the bees very malnourished. This seems like a nasty trick to me. But it’s standard practice. However! I have yet to meet a local bee keeper who does this – most harvest at 2 select times in the season only, giving them enough time to restock with ease, or only take half the honey at a time, always leaving them with more than enough for themselves. Bees are so important for plant life and therefore our very survival – I have a lot of respect and gratitude for bees. Albert Einstein even said that if the bees were to kick it, humans would have about four years left on this earth before we’d follow. Let’s have a bee celebration day. No one will eat honey that day or use any pesticides and we’ll plant flowers and put cut melons and oranges out in the sun for all the bugs and insects to enjoy. International Bee Gratitude Day. Bee’s Zannual Zelebration day, or BZZ day. It’s a plan. Who do I talk to about this?

“Hey, I thought this was an art blog!”

Well hey, I like bees! I’ve painted bees. See? See? There, it all ties together.

Will I see you tomorrow? I hope so. Booth C20 in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Show runs from 11am to 6pm. I however will be there at 7am. Setting up a tent in my sleep. Wanna join me for a breakfast smoothie?

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