The music made me do it.

I can’t seem to

Can’t seem to

Can’t seem to stay in tune…

I love this song. It is the wonderful green colour of most of my favourite songs, plus some bright red and yellow and it glows. I spent the winter listening to a whole lot of music by the talented Steve Poltz and while I was working on this series, I found myself repeating a lot of the green songs (my fav’s) so much that I couldn’t help it… I had to put some green into the series. Aside from these, there’s not green in this series; it is predominantly red (because I do the pieces squared and on horizontal canvases – this is explained in an older blog). So the green doesn’t feel like it fits to me. But after so much green in my ears and red on my palette, I felt myself leaning a little. A bit of this very particular green hue snuck into these two pieces specifically because of this song, which I listened to as I painted. And so I named the pieces after it.

—Oh Jesus can you –

——————Mary, can you-

———————————Judas, can you help me from

The devil that’s behind me

I think he wants to belt me with a special dose of evil

And I can’t escape his kindness.

Won’t you save me, please;

I know you know the dance.

Come dance with me.

I decided to add on to this post because sometimes I forget that you can’t see it. You may well see something, but you would see your own something and not my something, you see? So. An addendum, if you will.

I wish I could play for you the album version that I was listening to. Live music is of course always best – such vibrant energy. And a nutritionist knows, there is a world of difference between fresh, live stuff and canned. Right! So while this live video I found is wonderful, what are missing are the violins and all the extra colours they bring. So picture this: there are these slippery, silky violins, playing smooth peals of green and red as they ride a teeter-totter, lit up like Christmas lights. It sounds rather like they’re sliding around on the ice because they forgot their skates and are careening about on tennis shoes, except that the song is too warm and sunny to take place on the ice. The green is like that of a spring morning. Once in a while there’s a golden high note, but lots of back and forth conversation between this shimmering emerald green and warm glowing red on the teeter totter. It goes like this:






Not quite!


Nearly there!

All of the music is this beautiful faltering – nary a wrong note, but attempt after attempt to get at something just out of reach: the dangling carrot. I can’t seem to – *thump* can’t seem to – *thump* can’t seem to stay in tune…. The violins waltz around with the stumbling grace of marionettes. So don’t you want to hear it now? You can buy it on iTunes, or better yet get the album (Unraveling). And you’re lucky, too, for lots and lots of reasons, and one of those reasons is that Unraveling used to be available only only only if you bought it from the man himself at a live show. Isn’t that neat?: Get out there and experience some live music, and then you get to take home a unique treasure with you. It’s a treasure hunt! Find the wandering musician man, listen to stories, sing a song, share a moment, take home magic. Come dance, come dance, come dance with me.


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