Keep an eye out for the crazy ones.

I didn’t know this crazy little owl was going to be lurking in the back there. She just sort of slipped in, and is quite content to wait behind everyone else. I think she knows something that the rest don’t know. She’s a Barking Owl, which seems appropriate enough, because she looks barking mad. Like The Joker in bird form. Everything delights her – she can make the best of it all. She has no expectations, lives moment to moment, loves surprises, delights in the unexpected. Don’t  you think? Can’t you see it? That penguin girl was in trouble before, but this wonderful nutjob in the back is a wild card and I fear for penguin girl’s safety a whole lot more now…

Big-eyed crazy face here is my favourite so far. I like the crazy ones. I don’t want to be normal. And to be not-normal but also to be content doing it in the background is a more genuine sort of comfortably-crazy. The Barking Owl, Winking Owl, unassuming little Aussie Owl is secure in her stance, she is fully inhabiting the space her body takes up, she is insane and probably mentally healthier than most others.

Watch for the quiet crazy ones. They’re bigger than they look; they’re more than you think they are.


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