The drawing is done! Phase I complete!

Drawing phase complete. Next I prepare it to transfer, then do the actual transfer, and paint it. I’ll take you through it with me, and you can watch the funny steps I take (all computer nerds will shake their heads and weep, or laugh, or both).

For anyone just coming in now, this drawing is part of an art contest I’m co-hosting with Meaning-Full Art, and the story being illustrated is the winning submission from Nancy in Mexico. Here is her submission:

I’m a penguin. A penguin that walks miles and miles to get to what [is] passionate [to] her. Surrounded by predatory birds waiting for her to make a mistake. A penguin that moves her wings over and over again because her dream is to fly.

Discussing it with a friend brought up some interesting discrepancies in our interpretations. I alluded to the small dash of hope in her stance: that despite those hounding her with ill-intent, she still has dreams. My friend said that because penguins are flightless birds, whether she wants to join the others in the sky or not, there’s no hope: her predators are closing in and flapping her flippers is a futile act. I know that she’s not going to be able to fly away, but the fact that she carries hope is what I found to be bittersweet: that even as death surrounds her and slowly blots out the light, the last place she chooses to look is the sky.

What do you think?


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