The next step.

Okay, it’s transfer prep time! Before I can transfer this, I need a clean image to work with. So I photograph the drawing and then using my high-tech computer skills, I delete out the background of the image using…. MS Paint.

Yeah, that’s right. (It’s okay, you’re allowed to laugh.)

So I carefully erase around the images about 4 times per character because the program glitches and I lose my work and do it again and it’s grainy, poor quality, but it’s sort of a point of pride that I make most of my art using some of the simplest, cheapest tools and supplies. I often use kids paints. I have an old photo-retouch kit that I use mixed in with my childhood paint pucks. I found most of my pastels in a box that someone was throwing out – they all look dark brown from rubbing off on each other, but scraping off the exterior reveals the secret colours hidden inside, and they are still fantastic. I’ve been given old paint from friends who just aren’t using it any more and only this summer I finally threw out a couple jars that I had been scraping a layer of mold off the top each time I went to use it (it finally just got too moldy throughout). We waste so much. I don’t need things to be new and shiny. Art can be made out of anything! It’s a great way to recycle! I often stretch canvas onto old picture frames. I like to paint on strips of old denim I sew together and stretch over picture frames (if you’re throwing out old jeans, give them to me!). I buy new art supplies sometimes too, but I also try to reuse a lot of things. Yeah, most of my supplies are pretty old and low quality, but not only can I make it work, that’s part of the look of my end product: it’s my style, it gives it some of its charm! Oh me, I do love a nice, beautiful mess.

Nonetheless I am just starting to learn how to use Photoshop a little – might be a little less frustrating; MS Paint glitches too much.

But then, my version of Photoshop is 11 years old…..

I guess that makes it maybe fit after all. Hah! My version of “upgrading”.

Anyway, so now I’ve got this:

Background all clean! Now I’ll print this out and if you don’t know, you’ll have to wait to see what I do next.


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