What’s on the slab:

There is of course always more than one thing happening at a time. My mind boggles at the thought that everyone I know is somewhere right now, doing something. Woah! And I always have more than one thing on the go at a time: art, and nutrition school, and offering cooking lessons now, and sculpting a bear out of raw sprouted buckwheat granola, and travelling through time and space, and talking to people I like, and squawking over the piano, and aerial silk ballroom dancing and visiting the ocean floor in my sleep. And within art, there is more than just the Be Part of the Art contest piece. I usually have about a dozen things on the go at once, and they all progress very slowly together. Hmm… Anyway, I’ve started a commission for a total sweetheart cousin of mine (second cousin? something like that) and it’s really fun for me especially because it’s so big! I’ve missed making big art. I like big art.

Recognize this now? It’s a transfer in progress! You know how that works – it’s old hat now, right?

I’ve started painting it, but my camera just broke so you won’t get pictures of that until I buy me a new one. Let’s make that happen soon, okay? Okay.

The first skinny snow flakes are blowing outside in the yard. The squirrels are looking particularly plump and cuddly and the leaves are saying goodbye for the winter, getting comfortable on the ground for their long sleep. In the winter I like to put on more clothes to keep warm, and so it seems funny that just when it’s getting really chilly is when the trees decide to get naked, but then I am not a tree exactly, so I guess we just have different ideas about being comfortable. See you in the spring, leaves! They will be back to dazzle with their fresh young green and dress the trees anew.


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