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Hi! Remember me? I used to post art blogs here.

Ohhh, this is shameful. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I posted. Let’s not do this again, okay?

I have been busy finishing up my school program, and am gosh-darn close to being a certified nutritionist. !!! Anyway, now it’s time to play with paint again! I’ve started painting the piece I last posted about. Here’s a lil’ sample:

That’s a pretty nice photo, thanks to my sweet new camera! I bought my last one I think around 2001, so I guess I got my money’s worth. RIP, old Canon camera. Hello, new Canon camera! This thing has already blown my mind. I spent over $50 on a 512MB camera card many years ago, which seemed HUGE then, and when buying its replacement a couple weeks ago, I spent $25 on an 8GB card. Technology, man! It’s craaaazy!

Coming up tomorrow: the conclusion of the Be Part of the Art contest!


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