Be Part of the Art: Conclusion!

And now here we are.

A brave penguin girl has travelled a long way without faltering, hounded by those who would love to see her fall. She has not given up on her dreams of flight, despite having been equipped with flippers and not the feathery wing-span necessary to capture and cradle the wind, to hoist the torso up onto the thin substance of air and carve arcs through the seeming nothingness of the sky.

How does this seem to you? Is this hopeful? It is foolish?

This is the final piece from the Be Part of the Art contest. Participants were asked to submit a short personal story on Meaning-full’s facebook page, in which they compared themselves to an animal within a specific context; i.e. one role you play in a given situation, in contrast to someone else, also assigned an animal stereotype.

The winner was our new friend Nancy from Mexico. Here is her winning submission:

I’m a penguin: a penguin that walks miles and miles to get to what [is] passionate [to] her, surrounded by predatory birds waiting for her to make a mistake; a penguin that moves her wings over and over again because her dream is to fly.

This piece was created to illustrate her story, and is being shipped to Mexico this week as her prize. A runner-upper prize is also being sent this week to the person with the second-most votes.

Thank you again to all who participated! It has been fun, and I plan on doing the contest again in the summer. Maybe you will consider submitting next time..?