And now, brought to you by the internet, the art of yours truly featured in a blog about toes.


Ain’t the internet a wonderful, funny thing.

So I’m still getting used to this blogging business. I’m not sure what half these buttons do, behind the scenes here. And all this time I have been both categorizing and tagging each post identically, treating these two options as the same thing – just couldn’t remember what the difference was. Then yesterday I thought, okay, the categories are clearly the things listed on the side of the page, so the tags must be ways for people to find my posts in all the wide web. So I decided to add more tags. Yesterday’s post was the first time I used this tool differently if not properly, and because of the picture I posted, I tagged it a bunch of extra things: painting, drippy paint, feet. (Apparently my reasoning was incorrect because now I have the word “feet” in my categories on the side of the page. Hmm..)

Well wouldn’t you know it, someone must have googled “feet” and found my image that way, because within an hour I had an email from someone with a blog all about feet and toes, asking if they could post my image on their page.

Excuse me? Did that just happen? Um, yes please!

Good old internet, uniting people together in the quirkiest of ways. You can find anything here! The last medium of free speech: ah, it is worthy of love and protection. Wiggle on, toes, wiggle on!

See the “toemail” blog here!


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