“People We’ve Been” at BOHEMIA!

Okay, here’s the scoop on the new show: I’ve got a solo show, called People We’ve Been, at Bohemia Cafe in Barrie, starting next week! If you’d rather, you can skip the story and get to the logistics by clicking here.

The funky lady I’m standing next to in front of Bohemia here is my cool new artsy pal Alana, owner and creator of Awkward Stage and curator of Bohemia. I met Alana at the Queen West Art Crawl in the summer where we did an art swap, resulting in the acquisition of some of her amazing reclaimed-vintage creations. She’s the cool cat who hooked me up with this show. Thanks, Alana!

It gets even more fun though (and I love this part too): she and I get to share the limelight on Saturday the 28th with back-to-back openings! Her shop (Awkward Stage) is just out back  of Bohemia, so after my opening at Bohemia from 5 – 7, you can meander down the steps at the back to her opening from 7 – 9 where Awkward Stage Gallery is showcasing the works of artist Robin Luoma (showing from January 25 to February 18).

When I drove up to drop off my art, we had lunch in Bohemia, and let me tell you, this foodie gives her approval. And it’s so pretty! See for yourself:

Those are my dirty dishes on the counter. That mug was full of hot apple cider. Until I drank it all, of course.

And now, here is Awkward Stage:

This is going to be fun! But it’s all ready been fun. Okay, this is going to keep on being fun!

The details be here:

People We’ve Been (Candace’s show)
January 23 – February 19, 2012
Opening Reception Saturday January 28, 5-7pm
125 Dunlop Street East, Barrie

Awkward Stage Gallery opening reception:
Saturday, January 28, 7-9pm
Awkward Stage
Lakeshore Mews (just south of Mulcastor and Dunlop E), Barrie

If you are in or near Barrie, let’s be awkward together in person on the 28th! I am so very ready to offer my left hand to shake when you extend your right, and to step on your feet if and when you should attempt to give me a hug. How can I be so confident of this? Years of practice, friends, years of practice.


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