Good times during a blizzard in Barrie

Ah, the magnetism between art openings and stormy weather. Despite the blizzard, the opening reception for People We’ve Been at Bohemia was great! A number of dedicated art lovers made it out, and the Awkward Stage opening reception was positively jumpin’! It was warm, it was cozy, it was friendly, it was hot apple cidery, and it was arty. Mmm arty.

I only thought to snap a couple pictures after the place was closed and the last of us were running out the door. But here’s some of the art:

And here’s some nut job with more of it.

Notice that she is dressed appropriately awkwardly (that is, the skirt is the Annie Get Your Gun skirt from Awkward Stage).

A big thank you to the brave souls who drove up from the GTA to bring me smiles and hugs. You are awesome, and totally made my day.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out that night! Thanks for the warmth, the feedback, the flowers, and the red dots! All things I like very much.

The show is on until February 19th if you still want to check it out! Bohemia is at 125 Dunlop Street East in Barrie. I recommend the maple latte with soy milk. It’s awesome.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds!



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