I’d rather sit in the sun than waste my time on the nasties.

Good morning, day dreamers!

It has occurred to me that I have not yet shown you the new piece I did for the People We’ve Been show (which is still on, by the way!). She’s big and she’s another “Girls Can Be Nasty” piece (I like the combo of these three characters, and the story they instantly create).

In this one it looks to me like they are getting ready to go out to a party, and the one in the middle has not dressed up to the others’ liking, or maybe is not ready to go and is keeping the others waiting. Or maybe they’re at the party already and just picking on this unfortunate bunny girl. But the outer two don’t have their shoes on, so I think they’re still getting ready to go out. I wanted the background to be messy and fun and pink – sort of like a stereotypically “girly” party was vomited onto the backdrop. Hah!

I think people are lovely, and certainly we are capable of stunning selflessness and generosity, as well as committing atrocious monstrosities, but boys and girls tend to be nasty to others of their own gender in fairly distinct ways. The psychological warfare of little girls is nasty indeed and intriguing to me (but not TOO intriguing – I’m not interested in getting caught up in that elementary school drama again!). Some people I guess don’t grow out of it, and seeing these adults acting as nasty children makes me laugh in a way. It’s sad, but it’s silly too, and such a waste. There is so much beauty right in front of us all the time, and that’s what I want to put my energy into, to soak myself in and get lost in. Speaking of which…

It’s like spring out there, can you believe it?! I’m writing this in the sun, next to my passed out jungle cat, who knows all about the simple pleasures of life and takes advantage every opportunity she can. What an inspiration! Two happy cats in the sun, we are, and right now this is all I need.

A smile for Kurt as I say out loud: if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.


One thought on “I’d rather sit in the sun than waste my time on the nasties.

  1. Doesn’t the sun “solely” follow you around at your will? I think so. Also, I know you are a fun time party girl, without the typical answers to insecurities…keep it hoppining!

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