Have you smelled The Outside yet today?

sniff sniff.

It’s starting to smell like… SPRING!

I went hiking on Sunday and was inspired: look at what followed me home!

How did so many of those get in my pockets? Ahem.

Aren’t they delightful? I love that pinecones mimic the shape of what their seeds will become. They’re just like little upside-down trees!

Thank you trees, for the inspiration bundled up in these beautiful little power bombs: promises of trees yet to come.

I love these little things in the next picture – they look so amazing! They look soft and fierce at the same time: a delicate cocoon shielded in small spikes. Inside is a loofa-like sponge, and curling tendrils of dried vines dance from its stem. Anyone know what they are?

Which way to the pines?

Oh, thanks.

Happy trails, spring-time revellers!


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