A Whiskey Jack and a Martin with a voyageur canoe paddle in love on a very old wooden bench: the drawing so far.

A couple posts back I talked about various playful tangents I’ve taken along the way of the Billions Pass Through This Landscape series. Here’s another (of many) tangents I’ve been taking with it: commissions!

Art is great for bringing people together: if you share something of yourself by showing your art, it’s amazing what people will reciprocate with. I’ve been told beautiful and disarming stories by strangers, who were merely responding to an image of a wolf or a fox or a bear or a bird I’d painted, and perhaps seeing something of themselves in it. Sometimes people want me to make them a piece with a certain combination of characters together, maybe in a certain format or a certain palette, and other times people want to be more directly involved in the piece: they want to be drawn or painted as a specific animal that they identify with.

Here’s one I’m doing of a cousin of mine and her husband. In case it isn’t incredibly obvious already, they’re pretty awesome. These guys went camping for their honeymoon. Yeah, THAT kind of awesome. Check out those poses! I’ve gone as far as I can go with the drawing until I get the required source material, for the hiking boots they want and the specific kind of canoe paddle he is holding. So here’s where I’m at.

He’s a martin, and she’s a whiskey jack, or a grey jay. Aren’t the adorable? I think so.


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