After the TOAE

Second year at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, booyah!

There seemed to be shanty advertising for the show this year, which meant a much thinner crowd than usual, but those who came out were wonderful. I was stunned by how many people came to my booth because they had seen me before at such-and-such a show/event/gallery/city. I’m happy to be remembered and happy you came back to see me again! Holy flattering – thanks, everyone!

As always, I met wonderful people, both artists and show visitors alike. I love hearing people’s reactions to my art – it’s always so varied. One woman walked into my booth, looked at a large painting of the dapper and overly-confident weasel, and said wryly, “oh, I’ve dated a few of them.” Another woman looked at him and said, “He’s a preppy weasel. But I’d do’im.” You ladies cracked me up; thank you.

More on the show next time…


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