an experiment in simplicity.

I started a piece with a couple of deer, which I intended to paint in, and then didn’t get it finished in time for the show I had wanted to put it in. So for the sake of experimentation, I spent an evening with it and took it in a completely different direction. The background had been painted, but not the figures. I liked how the palette knife-application framed them, and I decided to leave them blank – they looked kind of cool like that. But it still needed something. In the end I added some minimalistic marks in different colours and decided it was done after all – just a very different style. I brought it to the show as an experiment.

Well, it turned out to be one of my most popular pieces. Huh!

I still prefer the more painterly route of rendering the characters over top of the transfers, but this is a fun style to play with on the side too. I think I’ll do some more – some big guys, some smaller ones… Whaddya think?


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