…or PROOFED, if you will.

This lucky duck, or rabbit, or… whatever… has been featured on the website in their section about local artists: THE PROOF. They asked for pictures of my everyday life, and I tried to keep it as simple and accurate as possible. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.




2 thoughts on “PROVEN.

    • Hi Reta,
      Glad you like the photos! I am drawn to creating art involving animals and an exploration of the self. The idea with this photo (and others like it) is that I see people as these animals all the time, which denote their personalities. That’s why I don’t have a mask: it’s my reality. More photos like this can be seen throughout my blog, such as this one.
      These pictures are sort of a silly spin-off of my series Billions Pass Through This Landscape. You can read more about the idea behind that one here, if you’re interested.
      Thanks for the question! 🙂

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