More QWAC review, including a (probably embarrassing) promotion of my bro the photographer.

So speaking of the Queen West Art Crawl, and my lack of sharing afterwards, I totally had meant to plug my brother, Trevor, who is a nature photographer extraordinaire, although he would never say so. He showed his shots for the first time in the booth next to me at the Queen West Art Crawl: Sis and Bro Edition!

I also wanted to share these adorable pictures of us at the show. Ain’t we cute?


As his sister, I’m totally allowed to say this: my bro is kinda awesome. He only started taking photography seriously a couple years ago and it turns out that he has a knack for it. A seriously good knack for it. He’s had a few of his shots on the National Geographic website and has taken stunning wildlife and nature photographs all over the world. He also happens to be a really talented digital designer. The dude’s got an eye for this stuff. Check. This. Kid. Out.


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