New one.

Here’s the biggest new piece I made for the 3030 show:


It’s pretty big – close to my height even. Okay, so maybe that’s not saying much, but still, that’s bigger than most others in this series. Come on.

It’s denim, sewn from old discarded jeans, and from behind it looks like this:


On that note, if you’ve got old jeans that are ripped beyond repair and not fit for donation, I’d be happy to make use of them for you. 🙂

I prefer not to use clothing that is still wearable, because hey, someone could be wearing that! I’m fairly utilitarian that way. I just want to give things life beyond the landfill, ya know?

I did a few other smaller ones on denim for this show as well. Maybe I’ll show you in the next post. Stick around if you wanna see.


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