More new ones. Plus, a story about dancing in a church in about 50 old socks, belonging to multiple different people.

As promised, here’s another set I did on denim:


Thanks to family, friends, and co-workers for sharing their damaged hand-me-downs (jeans and whatnot). Yeah, it’s pretty easy to make me happy.

One year my brother gave me a hole-y pair of socks for my birthday. That’s funny in itself, but it’s also funny that I was excited about it: they were a pretty wool pair that I’d had my eye on for a while, and was just waiting for him to wear them out. Is that lame? Anyway, I made them into a dress, along with a bunch of other socks. The Sock Dress has been my go-to for wedding apparel over the past few years. I make no apologies for looking really good in a dress made out of old socks. Rock on.


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