Day One of the TOAE (of three): CHECK.


Oh boy, did it rain!

But the forecast for tomorrow says no rain. Ergo, you should come to the show.

(Nathan Phillips Square, 10:30am – 7:30pm, booth yellow 15)

So, first of all, I got some blog love right here which was very, very sweet indeed (and from the Gladstone, too! Thanks, Max-the-Gladstone-Guy!). I was selected as one of the Gladstone’s top 4 fav’s of the show (goodnessme!) and if you check it out, you can see me braving the rain with a smile.

And now, a sleepy bedtime thought about today before I pass out (HARD):

So I’ve noticed…

A lot of people make funny faces when they look at my art, and I love that. I think people often make funny faces at art in general, especially when it confuses them or makes them think.

My favourite is when people look at my work and smile. Not just a polite little smile for me; when, regardless of me, they get a happy, goofy grin for the art itself, and sometimes they even laugh. And if I can make people smile and laugh by doing something I love – well. I don’t know that it gets better than tat.

It’s just this tiny moment shared with another, whether they know I see them or not, and that’s what makes doing these shows feel so good.

(That and getting crazy inspired by other super cool artists that I get to meet!)

Another beautiful thing: when a couple people or more come to my booth together, and they smile at the art, then they often they start telling stories.

“You know, when I was a kid, I used to…”

“This makes me think of:

  • this one time when…
  • this guy I know…
  • this book I read…”

I catch the beginning as they walk away, sharing something inspired or remembered by an image I created. Happy heart, right here.

Or, if I’m really lucky, they’ll tell that story to me. I’ve collected them over the years. They can be beautiful, tragic, charming, or wildly funny.

You never know what will comes out of someone’s mouth after being exposed to some product of creativity: something symbolic that they can attach a piece of themselves to, or that will make an association in their mind and pull something out from deep within; something that in someway, for reasons you probably will not know, touches their heart.

We really are just walking collections of stories.

Come to the show tomorrow and add to mine.




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