A lil’ collaboration

I know this amaaaaaaaaaazing, blows-my-mind artist who works under the name Psychelation (psychelation.com) and he drew a very handsome lion. A very sexy lion, in fact. And it was a commission, and so he was requested to have the lion holding up an all-seeing eye, which he drew of course. But he wasn’t stoked about that part of it, so he made a print of the lion, and I painted a hunk of amethyst in watercolours, and set that into the lion’s hands, covering up the other. I’m honoured to have been able to add something of mine into such an incredible drawing, and hope there will be many more collaborations to come with this flippin’ genius!

lion collaboration

psychelation + mad rabbit


2 thoughts on “A lil’ collaboration

  1. He was worried about the all-seeing eye why? You say handsome. I say impressive level of detail but still a bit scary. Not something I’d want on my wall. But, yes, very detailed. The crystal formation is also very impressive. And, yes, collaborations are and would be great in greater abundance.

    As for the commission, he should know the full info/requirements and decide before committing. ‘No sense in drawing something you don’t accept/respect for money. That’s soul-less prostitution.

    • Haha, well while I see what you’re saying, this one wasn’t soulless prostitution – he knew exactly what he’d be drawing, but the all-seeing eye has been appropriated as a cool-but-not-really-understood symbol in hipster land, so that’s why he wasn’t into that part, and I feel that too. But it was for a friend, and he was happy to do it for him, so no souls were harmed in the making of this commission. 🙂

      And the lovely thing about people is that we like different things, which keeps it interesting – I maintain that he is a very handsome lion indeed to me, and in fact I DO have a print of him on my wall. Thanks for your comment!

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