In the Round

It’s once again been a long time since I posted on here. Ugh, can you tell I’m not fond of blogging? Anyone else want to do this for me?! Seriously. Blarg.

Anyway, I’m much more excited about participating in this fun art show than I am about writing a stupid blog about it. But I guess I gotta tell you SOMEHOW, so here ya go: I’m in a really groovy group show at Graven Feather for the rest of this month. Every piece is created on a 5″ disc of wood. The show looks really cool and you should totally check it out.

Le Details:

In The Round: group show
EXHIBITION November 6 -29th 2014
Graven Feather: 906 Queen Street West, Toronto
Gallery hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12 – 7

Pretty much all the pieces are for sale (at least mine are, but only two are still available, so ACT NOW if you want them… am I convincing you yet?) and every piece is set at only $45. Support a lovely local gallery and a whole lot of creative local artists and maybe head down this month for some holiday gift shopping -whaddya say?

In the Round

In the Round II

Happy November! xo


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