I’m Candace, an art maker and art lover, living and working in the GTA. My primary website can be seen here, and this blog is to be a rougher, free-flowing site where I can be silly and show you works in progress and tell you stories, and maybe even hear some stories from you too. Let’s dance.

Most of my art ends up being (two-dimensional) mixed media – just about anything can be appropriated as an art supply and these lie in wait like so many candies. The usual suspects are acrylic and watercolour paints (occasionally oil), various printmaking techniques (big into gel transfers these days), fabrics, pencil, other drawing media, and sometimes beautiful old barn board along with some rusty screws and bolts. Delicious.

I like to play with the idea of self – the similarities and differences between individuals, various roles we all play and the frequency with which these can change. We all live in such close quarters on this planet that we can’t help but impact each other in myriad ways. I think of all this in broader terms than simply exploring our humanness; to me it’s about tapping into our animalness: a more raw, deeply rooted commonality. While some days it’s all about making a big beautiful mess, other times creating art is a way of containing an experience so that I can examine it, pinned flat and held still for a minute.

Please post comments, share ideas and criticisms and love and jokes, videos you saw that made you laugh or cry or both. If you want to send me a private message, send it to candace@madrabbitart.com – I would love to hear from you.

Art art and awaaaaay!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow I found your site! Hope the Roots launch was… nice 🙂
    Glad I ran into you- made for enjoyable conversation over Indian food. Hope to read about the famous mad rabbit gallery in the future.

    • Hey! Fun to hear from you! And funny that this is the site you landed on… Is that what came up first in a search? This is a blog I had for my art years ago; I write a token post about once a year now I’d say. My main website is madrabbitart.com The launch was nice indeed. 😛 Hope the new mind-technology proved interesting!

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