This is my heart, and it’s green and leafy and growing.

I’m drawing the chakras in flowers! Well, I’m watercolouring them. And there don’t tend to be a lot of green flowers out there, because the rest of the plant is so often all green, and flowers have a different purpose than their chlorophyl-containing plantbody-parts (ssssssssex organs!), so green they ain’t.

So rather than an actual flower for the green heart chakra, I painted some beautiful foliage. It’s a tropical plant and I don’t know the name – if you can identify it for me, please do! – but I painted it from a picture of a lovely plant I saw in the caribbean on vacation. (Mmmmmm, St. Maarten!)

Here it comes in stages!

heart chakra IMG_7046 IMG_7049 IMG_7050 IMG_7051 IMG_7052 IMG_7056 IMG_7066


You can see the final image on my website. 5 more flowers to go, and then I have plans for them…


New one.

Here’s the biggest new piece I made for the 3030 show:


It’s pretty big – close to my height even. Okay, so maybe that’s not saying much, but still, that’s bigger than most others in this series. Come on.

It’s denim, sewn from old discarded jeans, and from behind it looks like this:


On that note, if you’ve got old jeans that are ripped beyond repair and not fit for donation, I’d be happy to make use of them for you. 🙂

I prefer not to use clothing that is still wearable, because hey, someone could be wearing that! I’m fairly utilitarian that way. I just want to give things life beyond the landfill, ya know?

I did a few other smaller ones on denim for this show as well. Maybe I’ll show you in the next post. Stick around if you wanna see.

Painting Progress: The Thinkers are ready to Think.

I am finished painting in these characters! This one’s a 5′ x 5′ commission I’ve been working on.

Time to make it messier!

Now that they are ready, I am going to illustrate their thoughts abstractly, and I’m excited about it. I’ve got some oil sticks I’ve been wanting to bust out – I should experiment with them a little first and see how they’ll look over acrylic. I can also use more acrylic, and chalk, and pastel, and pencil crayon… we’ll see. But I definitely want to use some wax too.