Foxes howling in my ears


On some days

The past can sing

So loudly in my ears.

But no song

Can revive the crumbled dust

Of yesterday

And place it in front of you


You chose

To sing along.


Sometimes I feel like I missed out on so much, all those years

And then I remember

That there is no normal

And we’re all just here

With our frozen pasts behind us

And ahead nothing but space

To be filled with choices

We make



Gettin’er done!

It’s been a productive weekend here in the studio. Hunkered down for a few days and lookit what happened! BAM. Finished all these guys that I had started a couple weeks ago. Queen West Art Crawl, I’m ready for ya!


One of my roommates just told me that, for the most part, they look like a bunch of passport photos. How awesome is that?! C’mon down n’ geeeetchyer passport photo at Trinity Bellwoods in September. Ha ha!

Living Totem Pole


Life looms easily,

We are so small within it.

I know as solidly as I can know anything

That everything is temporary

And that can be enough sometimes

To wait out the looming,

To work through it,

To find the next beautiful space.

Other times there is just so much all at once

That despite all my Knowing,

My Feeling is more than my Knowing

And I become a scared rabbit

Wanting only for a small, warm space

To hold me in silence and solitude

Until whatever-it-is has passed.

As I get older I learn to embrace pain and fear,

To let them move through me and find their way out again

Which doesn’t make it easy,

But I am always strong enough to find a smile within myself,

Understanding that there is more,

Always more,

Than this.

And so this time,

When the great So Much found me,

the Too Much,

the Can You Handle the Looming of Much,

I summoned up my protectors,

My strong animal friends,

And I drew myself safe within the belly of a bear,

Deep inside a creature of strength.

Not consumed,

But being recreated.

Safe in a womb, being nurtured and becoming More.

I draw on the strength of all these animals who nurture me and protect me,

And while I feel more powerful for calling them to me,

They are not coming to me

From away in the woods;

They together comprise who I am,

And, far from being in the belly of a bear,

It is they,

In fact,

Who are in


New one.

Here’s the biggest new piece I made for the 3030 show:


It’s pretty big – close to my height even. Okay, so maybe that’s not saying much, but still, that’s bigger than most others in this series. Come on.

It’s denim, sewn from old discarded jeans, and from behind it looks like this:


On that note, if you’ve got old jeans that are ripped beyond repair and not fit for donation, I’d be happy to make use of them for you. 🙂

I prefer not to use clothing that is still wearable, because hey, someone could be wearing that! I’m fairly utilitarian that way. I just want to give things life beyond the landfill, ya know?

I did a few other smaller ones on denim for this show as well. Maybe I’ll show you in the next post. Stick around if you wanna see.

The Thinkers have Thought.

The Thinkers

Finished this one a while back and have been slow to post – this piece surprised me a bit and did some things I hadn’t anticipated. I envisioned a different shape above each of their heads – something simple, geometrical – to indicate different thoughts they each had. (They each have one, although the doe’s thought-shape didn’t show up clearly in the photograph. She has a pale blue shape, like something that might come out of a Spirograph.) Then I tried loosely attaching each thought-shape to their heads via a transparent smoky white trail , akin to a more artful version of thought bubbles. But it didn’t work for the fox so well. I gave him a second shape, and while I liked that, he suddenly had too many “thought trails”. His second shape is like the first, but not fully formed, and is invading the rabbit’s space: he’s in the process of realizing some new thought that involves her. To resolve the problem of this excess, um, thinking?, I decided to let this smoky trail move where it wanted to move. Well, that’s not exactly true. I spent days starting at it, and an evening sitting on the floor in front of it with a friend, talking about it and drawing sketches together. (Thanks, Ryan! You’re awesome!) It became a foggy wisp that wraps around them and joins them somehow. It looks as though it might be traveling into the scene from off-canvas, but it also looks as though it could have originated in the fox’s head, and is moving outward from his space to encompass the others. Magical and uniting, or foreboding and creeping?

The Wild Domestic: Image 11 – Jamming

Experience the world from my perspective: finally, the exciting events of my everyday life, captured in photographs! What will I do next? Laundry? Ride the bus? Stay tuned to find out! Oh yeah, and I see people as different animals. All the time. 

This is part of an on-going photo series, originally seen in The Proof: a regular feature of Check back here to see one new image per week, every Tuesday. Scroll back through old posts to see the others that came before.

The Wild Domestic: Image 11 – Jamming