A lil’ collaboration

I know this amaaaaaaaaaazing, blows-my-mind artist who works under the name Psychelation (psychelation.com) and he drew a very handsome lion. A very sexy lion, in fact. And it was a commission, and so he was requested to have the lion holding up an all-seeing eye, which he drew of course. But he wasn’t stoked about that part of it, so he made a print of the lion, and I painted a hunk of amethyst in watercolours, and set that into the lion’s hands, covering up the other. I’m honoured to have been able to add something of mine into such an incredible drawing, and hope there will be many more collaborations to come with this flippin’ genius!

lion collaboration

psychelation + mad rabbit


My Lion Friend.

I have a wonderful travelling Lion Friend. He is very clever and says what he thinks, which sometimes makes the sheep cry, because they are intimidated by his Lion-ness and by occasional statements they interpret as ferocious. But these statements are said not out of ferociousness, but out of honesty, because the Lion says what is true, and sometimes the truth is ferocious. Sometimes you need a Lion Friend to get all ferocious on you with the truth. A Lion Friend will also be ferocious in your defence when needed, and will roar out support or praise when he feels like support or praise are due. He won’t embellish his roar to flatter you; he will roar just the right amount. In conclusion, I recommend lions for friends, and am very happy to have one. Thank you, and bon voyage.


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The Wild Domestic: Image 6 – Holiday Gatherings

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The Wild Domestic: Image 6 – Holiday Gatherings

The Wild Domestic Image 6: Holiday Gatherings

Alternate shots:

Holiday Gatherings alternate 1 Holiday Gatherings Alternate 2