QWAC 2015, and addressing long absences

First of all, THIS:

qwacposter2015 (1)

It’s ONE WEEK until the Queen West Art Crawl, my favourite annual Toronto outdoor art festival. Heck yes! I will be smiling away in booth L30. Come say hi!!!! This is also the first year I’ve decided to try something different from the Billions Pass Through this Landscape series at this show. Allow me to introduce you to my whimsical, dream-like watercolours of personal-encouragement!


Also, I realize that this is my first post on here in 10 months. Woah. Interestingly, that’s around the time I started using Instagram for my artwork. It seems I only have the capacity to keep on top of one form of social media at a time. Anyway, I pretty much forgot I had an art blog, but I’ll try to start using it more again. I’m not going to pretend that I plan on starting to blog all the time, but ya know, once or twice a month would be nice. We’ll see.

See you soon at QWAC!!



QWAC STARTS TOMORROW! plus, new small art pieces!

small watercolours

I’ve been watercolouring my original drawings from this series (and there are new drawings, too!), and now I’m making small prints of them on pretty wood panels for the show this weekend. C’mon down!

The Queen West Art Crawl is in Trinity Bellwoods Park (Queen Street West) in Toronto, this Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14, from 11am to 6pm both days. I’ll be in booth N29 (near the tennis courts) hoping to see you.

…And the weather forecast just got more promising for this weekend! WOO HOO! Come support local artists in a super cool part of town and hang out in a park with me and lots of other cool cats.


QWAC starts TOMORROW!!!! And ya get me AND my brother. (Sweet.)

Yo yo yo!

Tomorrow is day-one of art in Trinity Bellwoods Park with yours truly. I’ve got lots of new small pieces for your affordable purchasing pleasure *cough* to make it easier for you to take home a lil’ slice of my art, should you happen to want it in your home. Come see!

Once again this year, my bro Trev is gonna be at the show with me, dazzling folks with his killer nature/travel photography. Think National Geographic. His latest website’s not finished yet, but you can still see lots of sweet pictures here.

So! I’ll be in booth N10, and Trev will be in booth L19.

Trinity Bellwoods Park (on Queen West between Bathrust and Ossington).

This Saturday and Sunday (Sept 21 – 22), 11am – 6pm both days.

Free entry.

Show goes on rain or shine.


                                ^ the bro (L19) ^                                  ^ the sis (N 10) ^

Queen West Art Crawl in 2 weeks!

My next art show is the Queen West Art Crawl: a weekend-long outdoor show in Trinity Bellwoods Park (on Queen Street West between Bathurst and Ossington, in Toronto). 

Show starts 2 weeks today: Saturday Sept 21 and Sunday Sept 22, 11am – 6pm both days.

I’ll be in booth N10. Hope to see you!


Gettin’er done!

It’s been a productive weekend here in the studio. Hunkered down for a few days and lookit what happened! BAM. Finished all these guys that I had started a couple weeks ago. Queen West Art Crawl, I’m ready for ya!


One of my roommates just told me that, for the most part, they look like a bunch of passport photos. How awesome is that?! C’mon down n’ geeeetchyer passport photo at Trinity Bellwoods in September. Ha ha!

More QWAC review, including a (probably embarrassing) promotion of my bro the photographer.

So speaking of the Queen West Art Crawl, and my lack of sharing afterwards, I totally had meant to plug my brother, Trevor, who is a nature photographer extraordinaire, although he would never say so. He showed his shots for the first time in the booth next to me at the Queen West Art Crawl: Sis and Bro Edition!

I also wanted to share these adorable pictures of us at the show. Ain’t we cute?


As his sister, I’m totally allowed to say this: my bro is kinda awesome. He only started taking photography seriously a couple years ago and it turns out that he has a knack for it. A seriously good knack for it. He’s had a few of his shots on the National Geographic website and has taken stunning wildlife and nature photographs all over the world. He also happens to be a really talented digital designer. The dude’s got an eye for this stuff. Check. This. Kid. Out.

Belated Sharing

I initially wrote that as “belated sharking” – I don’t know what that means, but I like how it sounds. Just sharkin’ around, because it’s better to shark late than never.


I forgot to share this back in the summer, and I’m not sure how, but like with belated sharking, it’s better late than never!

My art was used as the header image on Blog TO’s article of the Queen West Art Crawl’s highlights, back in September. Only two months late… You can check it out here.