Wall to Wall 2: Group Show at Art Yard (with reception on May 15)

Heya! Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve got a couple pieces up in a new gallery just off Queen West called Art Yard. It looks like this inside:


But it sure doesn’t look that way on the outside – there’s some crazy construction going on in the area, which has unfortunately been extended so that now it’s still rough looking while this show is happening, but it’s okay! It’s lovely inside! If you’re driving or walking through a desolate construction zone, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND SOON YOU WILL BE SURROUNDED BY ART AND WILL GET THE CHANCE TO MEET A LOVELY LADY NAMED NATASZA WHO IS DOING GREAT THINGS INSIDE THIS SPACE!

So c’mon down and hang out with me for the opening reception! It’s on Thursday, May 15 from 7pm – 10pm at 30 Abell Street in Toronto. If you think you wanna come, RSVP here.




Did you know I have a solo exhibition coming up at The Gladstone? It’s almost here: I’ll be setting things up Thursday morning and then this Friday is the opening reception.


The show runs from August 16 – September 2nd on the second floor. Regular viewing hours are 12pm – 5pm.

Let’s high five and drink wine in a hotel! Come on down! Hope to see you Friday night. 🙂



More TOAE recap

Okay, so it was one of the soggier shows I’ve done…

But a couple people snapped photos for blogs and whatnot between rainfalls, so you get to see those now, if you want to.

Photograph Brian Labelle snapped a shot for his series Portraits of Toronto, in which he documents local artists with their work. Here’s mine.

The Gladstone blog named me one of their top 4 fav’s of the show this year. Shucks, thanks guys!

And the National Post wrote about me in an article about the show. Cool beans and many thanks!

That’s the buzz on my TOAE press. Thanks for the love!


The Wild Domestic: on hold, or…..?


Soooo…. you may or may not have noticed that Tuesdays have become Wild Domestic-less. That is, for maybe 3 months or so I had posted a new photo from this silly lil’ series every Tuesday. And then I stopped doing that. Maybe the sudden expectation got to me. In any case, I still have ideas for about 40 more pictures in this series, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep doing them or not. Maybe I’ll pick my favourite handful of ideas from these and at some point get a whole group of people together and take a bunch in a single day. …Or maybe I won’t. I don’t know. But hey, if you live in or near Toronto and feel like this might be a fun thing to do, let me know and maybe if there’s enough interest, we can run around the city in animal masks together and take a bunch of shots. Mayyyyybe.

The show’s up! And opening night is in 4 days!


The show has been hung! There’s something colourful on the walls at 3030 Dundas in the Junction (Toronto). And a number of these colourful things are brand-spankin’ new. Actually, LOTS of this stuff isn’t on my website yet; if you wanna see it, you’ve gotta come out! MWAH HAH HA!! 

Opening: Saturday, March 9 at 7pm

The band starts at 9:30: you’ll get to hear both Kayla Howran and Amanda Mead, followed up by a DJ-ed dance party.


The Wild Domestic: Image 9 – Riding the Subway

Experience the world from my perspective: finally, the exciting events of my everyday life, captured in photographs! What will I do next? Laundry? Ride the bus? Stay tuned to find out! Oh yeah, and I see people as different animals. All the time. 

This is part of an on-going photo series, originally seen in The Proof: a regular feature of torontoisawesome.com. Check back here to see one new image per week, every Tuesday. Scroll back through old posts to see the others that came before.

The Wild Domestic: Image 9 – Riding the Subway


Merged: a Hybrid Show OPENING TONIGHT!

Come one, come all, to the Norman Felix Gallery (627 Queen Street West), to see new art from Richard Ahnert, Tara Krebs, Kate Domina, Tony Taylor, and MOI. The opening is tonight (Thursday, December 20th) from 7pm to 11pm. There will be snacks (animal crackers, cupcakes, hummus!) and a bar, and I’m bringing a bowl of vegan, organic, Rabbit-shaped fruit gummies (of course!). Why wouldn’t you want to come? But if you come for the candy and not the art, that’s okay too I guess, just don’t tell me.

Here’s a sneak peak:


It’s gonna be good’n. See you soon!!


…or PROOFED, if you will.

This lucky duck, or rabbit, or… whatever… has been featured on the website TORONTOISAWESOME.com in their section about local artists: THE PROOF. They asked for pictures of my everyday life, and I tried to keep it as simple and accurate as possible. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.