I just finished a new drawing – part of this newer theme I’ve been dancing with. I like how Clarissa Pinkola Estes relates the wolf to the archetypal Wild Woman Self inside each of us. So the idea here is choosing to feed my inner wild self, which in turn feeds me; allowing myself to receive wisdom from my wild inner self, and showing thanks by letting her come out and play. Giving and receiving. A river of communication.┬áThe two fractionated selves slowly merge into a whole self.

Let yourself be what ya are and feel what ya feel and do what you feel moved to do. Sing and scream and shake and love and defend and feed and dance and dig and rest and snarl and spin and laugh and rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.

Listen to your gut.

Let yourself out to play.

Stop thinking so damn much, and just feel for a moment.

Collect the bones of your life and sing over them.

Feel the Earth holding you up.

Bare your teeth in a crazy grin.

Open the lines of communication.

Rewild yourself.

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New art!

It’s time to share some pictures of newer creations. There are quite a few… Here are some to start off with.

I’m really liking these 4 right now – they seem to me kind of like giant-sized trading cards (collect them ALL!). They’re 3 feet tall and have lots of fun imagery in them. Each of them depicts one of the four elements: can you see it? There are many stories in them. I’ll let you just look and see for yourself for now.

This one can be seen at the Queen Mother Cafe right now. It’s as long as I am tall! That’s right, it’s a monster. Just like me! *cough*

This one’s also in the Queen Mother Cafe (208 Queen Street). 3′ x 3′. If I named it already, I’ve forgotten the name, which simply means that it’s time for a new one. Hmm.

I sold this guy at the Queen West Art Crawl, but it got so much attention that I think I’ll play around with this idea for a while. It was so loose and fun to do. It is definitely very different from my usual painting style, and I was thinking of Cy Twombly a bit when approaching the bottom left section – not that I compare myself to him whatsoever, but he provided some inspiration for sure. This piece is also 3′ x 3′.

This lil’ cutie’s a square foot. Stobilus. She’s watching people eat at the Queen Mother right now. Each booth has a guardian animal watching over the patrons; she’s the booth closest to the bar on the far left side (in case you want to go say hello to her).

Another square footer. She also watches people eat, but in my own dining room. There’s a plate rail around the room, and it’s lined with these guys.

The art in the Queen Mother Cafe will be there until October 24th or thereabouts. You may not realize when you first walk in so I’ll tell you now: my art is not just in the front section, but throughout the whole place, down each isle of eaters. If you want to see it, it’s at 208 Queen Street, near University. The opening reception was during TIFF, and who showed up but Tom Hanks! Tom Hanks looked at my art. Too bad I didn’t get a change to talk with him; I’ll bet my art would look really good in his living room… Hah.